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We book hundreds of B2B meetings for our partners everyday

Get your leads in a seamless way

Don't worry, we will do all the heavylifthing for you. We will search, prospect, book and send invitations and you will get all your meetings in a centralized and simple way via our app.

Instant feedback on your meetings for better targeting

We focus on quality. You will be able to give instant feedback on all the meetings we booked, instantly improving strategies to always target the most fitted companies for you.

Sales cycle reduction

Your sales reps won't need to chase after prospects for meetings anymore. With more time available, they can focus on what matters most: closing deals.

More deals in your pipeline

Your pipeline will be filled by us with real opportunities, based on your criteria. We will prospect, nurture and schedule all the calls for you.

Discover new markets

You will be able to easily test new markets and countries. We have generated business opportunities in more than 30 countries and most of our clients discover revenue streams they never imagined.

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Proven knowhow

Our experienced team has a proven track record of success across a diverse range of industries. With a strong presence in over 30 countries, we have generated numerous high-value opportunities and successfully closed millions in annual contract value (ACV).

Full service team

Unleash your business potential with a powerhouse team of outbound specialists. Our skilled LDRs, copywriters, and BDRs work in tandem to bring you unparalleled business opportunities.

Proprietary tech

Say goodbye to receiving the same low-quality leads repeatedly, as our platform ensures that you only get the leads that meet your specific criteria, resulting in better conversion rates and higher ROI.

Tailored to you

We take a comprehensive approach to understanding your business, delving deep into its nuances. Through this process, we are able to constantly personalize our approach ensuring we get your ICP right.

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Check out some success cases from clients using Konektera’s LeadGen services

Because why should you take our word for it, right?
We started working with Konektera almost 2 years ago, and initially, we had doubts about whether the service would work as efficiently and effectively as we needed. However, Konektera’s team surprised us. They were always motivated and dedicated, and began generating significant results after understanding our business. Currently, they are an important part of our customer attraction and sales funnel. It’s worth highlighting their willingness to personalize the service and thoroughly understand our business.

Gustavo Oliveira

CEO Upskill Platform
Konektera has helped our business a lot. We didn’t have the knowledge, understanding of the market, and language necessary to really penetrate the Latin American market. With Konektera, we’ve seen extremely positive sales results, market opportunities are growing more and more, and we’re increasing our team as this has been one of the most successful verticals of our business.

Daniel Hillyer

Gravyty VP sales
Konektera has been our gateway to the Latin American market. Always innovating and with a high-level team, it has enabled the generation of dozens of highly qualified leads. Looking forward to continue growing and strengthening this partnership even further.

Dov Zellerkraut - Regional Manager LATAM

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Konektera’s Lead Generation delivered 7500% ROI. Unlocking Brazil, Europe, and Latin markets we secured a historic 1.5M USD deal with Vivo – Telefónica. Additionally, we facilitated successful deals in England, Spain, and Mexico, keeping their pipeline oxygenated with enterprise opportunities.

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Deals closed

With Konektera’s support, Graduway closed 100+ deals with millions on ACV, accelerated sales growth, and forged partnerships with esteemed universities like Tec de Monterrey, Unicamp, Javeriana, and PUC. An extraordinary success story igniting a multitude of opportunities.

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Scheduled meetings
Navigating a challenging ICP in the cybersecurity realm, Konektera achieved success by connecting Reblaze with elusive CIOs. We reduced Reblaze´s sales cycle, delivering 10 qualified opportunities monthly.

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